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Candidates say unopposed status validates work
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With primary elections fast approaching, campaigns are kicking in to high gear. If, that is, the candidate needs to campaign at all. For many, like Nancy Aspinwall, probate court judge, and Melinda Anderson, chief magistrate, this is just another unopposed election. "I highly recommend running unopposed," Anderson joked. "It's much better."
Neither judge felt the need to campaign this year, since a lack of opposition virtually ensures their re-election. "I have not done any campaigning other than trying to do my job every day," Aspinwall said. "I personally paid my qualifying fee and did not raise any other funds."
For Anderson, running unopposed is a validation of the work she does. "I feel like we do a good job and that we're very efficient," she said. But, she acknowledges, she "could not do this without the support of the judges who work for me."
For Aspinwall, a lack of opposition propels her forward. "It motivates me to keep trying to improve the office," she said.
This year marks Anderson's fourth and Aspinwall's eighth consecutive, unopposed elections.
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