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Casseels closing meets opposition
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It will be one way in and one way out when the railroad grade crossing on Casseels Road closes and neighbors aren’t the only ones derailed by the safety risks.
The closing turned out to be the talk of the Liberty Consolidated Planning Commission meeting Tuesday and the County Commission meeting Thursday night.
“That’s a trap right there,” said Commissioner Eddie Walden of the Midway bypass toward Highway 196 east.
“That whole intersection is not properly lit [and] that place down there is going to get somebody killed.”
Heavy traffic zips up the bypass to turn left on Highway 196 for access to Highway 17.
Many motorists avoid the busy bypass and take Casseels Road right underneath it.
But the state transportation department ordered part of the road closed, closing the popular shortcut.
Walden assigned county engineer Trent Long to have someone in Atlanta address it and see if something can be done to keep the alternate route open.
Keith Clark’s request to open a propane gas company on Wedinham Lane near the crossing was tabled in April and back before LCPC on Tuesday.
Several neighbors wondered how they would deal with the additional traffic the business would bring after the alternate route is closed.
Clark figures traffic will be considerably less when the Highway 196 widening project finishes and the shortcut closes.
“So that lane will be closed there should be no problem with that traffic over there,” Clark said.
Furthermore, propane trucks would only be coming in once a week with the smaller trucks every other day.
But it was not enough for James Sasser who spoke in opposition during the LCPC public hearing.
“When they turn that traffic loose on the overpass ... it’ll be full force. They’re going have a lot of wrecks there,” Sasser said.

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