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Chamber alerted to potential scam
Leah Poole 2018
Leah Poole, CEO of Liberty County Chamber of Commerce/ CVB

Liberty County Chamber of Commerce CEO Leah Poole alerted chamber members Wednesday to a possible phone scam. Poole informed the Courier that a chamber member had received a call asking for company email addresses to attend an event on Fort Stewart.

Poole said the young woman calling indicated she was working with the chamber and an organization called TTFO.

“We have no known affiliation with an organization called TTFO and none of our employees are calling around asking for company email addresses,” Poole said. She explained that the chamber keeps members’ email addresses on file, and contacts members annually to update addresses unless notified of an immediate change. 

Poole surmised the calls are from a sales group collecting email addresses in order to spam or offer businesses information on items or services that are not related to the local chamber.

Poole emphasized that the chamber would never give out members’ personal information, including email addresses. 

“If you get a call, please feel free to tell the person you are notifying your chamber and try to get call back information if you can, and we will happily follow up on it,” she said. 

The chamber’s office phone is 912-368-4445.

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