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Chamber blog: Six spots to watch a sunrise or sunset in Liberty County
Shown is a view from the Sunbury dock. Photo by Miranda Sutphen

Begin and end your days in Liberty County by admiring the beautiful views painted in the sky. There’s something about sunrise and sunset that make you thankful to see another day! Liberty County has several spots to sit back and enjoy the show that Mother Nature puts on. Keep reading to find out where they are.

Sunbury Boat Ramp

Located right on the intracoastal waterways, the Sunbury Boat Ramp is one our favorite spots in Liberty County to watch a sunrise. It rises over the open water and provides a wide view of water, sky and sun! Since it doubles as a boat ramp and a pier, you will most likely see someone putting their boat in or out of the water. This is also a great spot to go fishing, so don’t forget to bring your rod and reel!

Bryant Commons Park

Start your morning by catching a sunrise in the heart of downtown Hinesville! Bring your furry friend along with you and enjoy Cisco’s Dog Park or throw on your walking shoes and take a walk along the walking trail. The oak trees draped in Spanish moss provide for a relaxing morning full of views that are sure to make for a peaceful start to your day.

Eve Park

Tucked away on the east end of the county at Halfmoon Marina, you will find Eve Park. The park features a playground to occupy the kids, so mom and dad can sit back and catch a glimpse of the show in the sky as the sun goes down.

Jones Creek Park

We consider this cozy little spot to be one of Liberty County’s best kept secrets! Off of Isle of Wight Road in Midway, you will stumble upon Jones Creek Park. It is a quiet place to decompress after a long day or prepare yourself for a busy one, because you can witness both the sunrise and sunset just by turning around and all of it right over the Jerico River. If you enjoy kayaking, you can also launch from here and spend the day on a sandbar!

Pro Tip: The view from the Jones Creek bridge is amazing at dawn and dusk.

St. Catherines Island

Our barrier island, St Catherines is only accessible by boat, but if you have the opportunity to ride out there, do not hesitate! Begin or end your day along the shore. It is a truly amazing experience. Breathe in the salty air, listen as the waves hit the shore and reflect on the picture in the sky. Please note that the interior of the island is only for invited guests, so be sure to stick close to the water.

Fort Morris State Historic Site Take in a view of the St. Catherines sound while feasting your eyes on a gorgeous sunset at our state historic site, Fort Morris! It is open from dawn to dusk, so plan to get there early and take a walk along the nature trails to see the earth works. They were used to protect our coast and have been there since the Revolutionary War took place hundreds of years ago!

Pro Tip: Fort Morris is an excellent spot for visitors that enjoy birdwatching, so don’t forget your binoculars!

Chasing a sunrise or sunset is a great summertime activity! Grab your honey or the whole family and get ready to #ExploreLiberty. Be sure to bring your camera along with you to snap some photos. If you post them on social media, please use our hashtag and share your memories.

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