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City officials detail their wish lists
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The Coastal Courier asked several community leaders what they wished for at Christmas. The following are their Christmas wish lists:
The wish at the top of Hinesville Mayor Jim Thomas’s list is for his city to recover from the loss of a fifth brigade. The Department of Defense initially planned to bring another brigade to Fort Stewart, but canceled the brigade last June.
Second, Thomas wishes for the economy to return to a high point. Although Hinesville has fared better than some towns, the mayor said there are still a lot of good people struggling.
Third, he wishes to help end homelessness in Hinesville. This is an effort many in the community joined in at Thanksgiving, when funds were raised for the homeless coalition during the seventh annual Mayor’s Community Prayer Service.
Fourth, Thomas wishes to have a less hectic schedule and more leisure time. And his final wish is for everyone to have a happy and prosperous 2010.
Hinesville City Manager Billy Edwards echoed the mayor’s list with some of his Christmas wishes. Edwards wishes for the safe return of our deployed troops, homes for the homeless, jobs for the unemployed, good health for the infirm, and harmony in the community.
Hinesville Council Member Charles Frasier was specific with his Christmas wishes. Frasier wishes for the completion of the Azalea Street Redevelopment Project. He wishes for support for homeless prevention in the community. Frasier also wishes for funds to improve the streets for better traffic flow and continued police work to provide comfort and security in the city. And last, but not least on his wish list, Frasier wishes for a stabilized economy so, “we can create more jobs and have people return to work.”
Hinesville Council Member David Anderson, like his fellow elected officials, also wishes for the safety of deployed soldiers and “a blessed and safe holiday season” for all Hinesville residents. Anderson wishes prosperity for city employees and “another great year of service to our residents.” He also wishes for Hinesville to continue to, “grow as a place where people visit and relocate.”
And finally, Anderson wishes residents a prosperous year “that they may be blessed with their heart’s desires.”
Councilman Kenneth Shaw’s Christmas wish list follows in similar fashion. He wishes for the safe return of the troops and for an economic recovery.
Shaw also wishes for continued peace and harmony in the community and more funding to work on projects within the city. And finally, the council member wishes to have, “time for more interaction with my district members.”
Hinesville City Council Member Bobby Ryon offers prayers along with wishes for Christmas.
First, he wishes the best to all Hinesville citizens and those in the surrounding area, and prays that God “watches over all of the troops deployed around the world.” He also hopes everyone receives the blessings of the Christmas season and a happy New Year.
Ryon prays that travelers are watched over and return home safely. Finally, the council member wishes, “That all people around the world remember the true meaning of the season, and bring joy and love to those around them.”
Keith Jenkins, who also serves on the Hinesville City Council, wishes for people’s burdens to be eased in this weak economy. Jenkins wishes for better wages for struggling families, enough food throughout the year for needy families, a better economy for those who have lost jobs and for those who have never been employed and more affordable housing. He also wishes for Christians to gain a better understanding of Christmas through prayer.
Along with Hinesville officials, Riceboro Mayor Bill Austin shared his Christmas wishes.
Austin wishes all the citizens of his city, and residents of the surrounding area, a happy and joyous Christmas in spite of financial challenges. He also has high hopes that his city will complete its master plan and secure funding to expand its sewer services. Austin wishes for the city to acquire funding for its planned baptismal and walking trails, as well. And, Austin added, he wishes for the safe return of our troops.
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