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City raising garbage disposal fees
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Beginning Nov. 1, Hinesville residents will pay $2.97 more for garbage collection and disposal.
The 16-percent increase comes after the city itself absorbed a marked increase in the amount it pays to dispose of garbage at the Liberty County Solid Waste Authority’s transfer station, officials said.
The new rates were presented and approved during the city’s Oct. 1 city council meeting. The garbage collection and disposal fee increases this year total $3.22, but the total fee passed to customers includes a 25-cent reduction in fees for collecting dry trash.

According to a summary of the increases, the average customer with one curbside collection cart will begin paying $21.43 per month; previously the fee was $18.46.
The city has seen its disposal, or tipping fee rise to $40.69 per ton, from $16.33 per ton.
“In September 2004, the county reduced our tipping fee and the city was able to pass the savings to customers by reducing the disposal rate,” Kimberly Thomas, chief financial officer for the city, said. “The new rate [for customers] is still lower than the rate was in 2004 prior to that decrease.”
In a news release the city notes it looked for less expensive approach to garbage collection but found that continuing its relationship with LCSWA was still the most cost-effective means of operation.

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