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Coldwell Banker Southern Coast Halloween Costume Contest
Ava and Camile Collier

Ava and Camile Collier as Loonette and Molly of the Big Comfy Couch. show

Camila Collier
Ava Collier
Sadie and Skittles

Sadie and Skittles as ghosts took first place in the pet category. Owner Jan Cranford

Sailor (5) and her dog Luna (2) Furlong

Second place winner inthe Pet-Owner category, submitted submitted by Katelyn Furlong

Furlong family entry.

Furlong Family group photo submitted by Katelyn Furlong took third place in the kids category

Jack Gore

A cute Jack Gore in prison orange

Aspen Gore

Aspen Gore as Wonder Woman won first place in the kids category.

JJ and Lily Smoyer

Submitted by the Smoyer family.

Teddy with owner Katlyn Brightwell

First place winner in Pet-Owner Category

Max as a Yellow Jacket

Second place winner in the Pet Category, owner Michelle Ricketson.

Kassie the rainbow cat

Kassie the rainbow cat. Submitted by owner Chelsea Carpenter

Julia Layton

Julia Layton as Jesse from Toy Story submitted by Kjierstin Layton, seond place winner in the kids category.