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Commission review items at mid-month
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Liberty County Commissioners heard a number of reports for information only at their mid-month meeting last week:

Kim McGlothlin, county finance
• With one fiscal quarter left, 82 percent of budgeted revenue has been achieved and expenditures are at 70 percent. The unreserved, undesignated fund balance is at six months, but McGlothlin said that is expected to go down through the rest of the calendar year.
• Recreation and 911 are reported to be doing well. They are below the 75 percent benchmark but revenues are OK.
• Solid waste currently shows an income of $400,000; McGlothlin said she expects the department to finish in the black but not at the half-million mark.

Nils Gustavson, Liberty County Planning Commission
• Gustavson presented proposed amendments to subdivision regulations that would divide public improvements into two categories. These public improvements must be completed prior to acceptance by the governing authority. Primary improvement completion would be required within six months and secondary within 24 months.
• The shifting of sidewalk and street tree installation into the secondary category is meant to prevent damage from being done to these elements during the completion of a subdivision lot’s construction.
• The soil erosion ordinance update was presented again to the commissioners. The state has made modifications to its law, which must be adopted by the county by July 1; additionally, LCPC still recommends a modification creating a 10-foot buffer between new development and adjacent wetlands become part of the ordinance. Owners of less than one acre of rural residential parcels would be exempt, but would still have to adhere to best management practices.

Trent Long, county engineer
• Picnic tables have been installed at Riceboro pavilion.
• The transfer station is back under construction, but work is not moving as quickly as desired. Long indicated this may be resolved after a discussion with the contractor.
• Liberty Independent Troop Pavilion upgrade plans are out for bid.
• Rezoning for the west- end fire station has been requested.

Terry Doyle, Citizens Advisory Committee

• Questions have been asked about fire-safety procedures relating to mentally and physically disabled occupants of multi-story buildings, Doyle said. The fire department has said that building managers are responsible for making sure all tenants have evacuated the building in case of emergency such as a fire. That information will be shared with owners of multi-story buildings, who hopefully can come up with ideas on how to implement such procedures.
 Residents who use electric wheelchairs are concerned about limitations on using them in public roadways. Doyle said Georgia law dictates what electric wheelchairs must have installed in order to be used in the roads, so the CAC plans to visit with GDOT representatives to discuss the possibility of lessening the requirements, and they also will approach manufacturers about providing road-worthy accessories.

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