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Consent order in Long case
Long County Board of Commissioners

The Long County Commissioners went behind closed doors to adopt a consent order between the county and the state election board at their November meeting. Provisions of the order have not been disclosed.

State election officials explain that a consent order frequently means the state election board has found probable cause to believe that a violation has occurred and the case has been referred to the attorney general for investigation. After investigation the attorney general’s staff can negotiate an agreement with the respondent, in this case, Long County.

When the investigators and the subjects of the investigation agree on a consent order, it is formally adopted. A State Election Board meeting is planned for mid-December and some information will  be available in advance of the meeting.

Public bodies like the commission are allowed to meet behind closed doors only for certain limited subjects: legal matters, personnel and real estate.

Also on Nov. 5 the commissioners moved ahead with a number of projects including renovation of a former school building to accomodate county offices, application for a Community Development Block Grant, approval for shelters at the recreation department and others.

According to the financial report by Chairman Robert Parker Long County has more than $1.8 million in its general fund. Cash is already flowing in from Long County’s recently implemented impact fees with more than $20,000 in hand as of Nov. 1.

A budget resolution was passed to establish the office of census director; Ludowici Councilwoman Mary Hamilton is filling the job.

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