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Convicted killer re-sentenced for firearm possession
bacon resentencing
Nicholas Bacon awaits his firearm possession re-sentencing. - photo by Kayla Gamble

Nicholas Bacon, who was previously sentenced for the murder of his mother Montez Bacon, was resentenced for firearm possession on July 8. Judge Glen Cheney resentenced Bacon to five years with three of those years to be served consecutively to the prior life sentence, with two years on parole. This sentence will be added to Bacon’s previous murder sentence of life with the possibility of parole after 30 years which was given to Bacon in early May 2019. 

Bacon was convicted for shooting and killing his mother, Montez Bacon, on March 3, 2017.

Events leading up to the crime were detailed during Bacon’s murder trial. The Courier had previously reported that according to testimony from police officers in Savannah, Montez Bacon had picked up her son to go to the plasma donating center and had wanted her son to get out of the vehicle.

But because Bacon had not then committed a crime, law enforcement in Savannah advised Montez Bacon to drive her son back into Liberty County.

Montez Bacon’s brother, Andrew Smith, testified that he had received a phone call from his sister when she was travelling on Highway 204 and informed him of the tense situation. He was on the way to meet her when he came in contact with her vehicle and saw his nephew walking away from the car.

Montez Bacon’s vehicle was seen veering right before running into a structure outside of the Fleming Shortcut Convenience store, according to video shown in court. Bacon was seen on the video getting out the vehicle with his book bag and walking off. His mother was slumped in her seat; witnesses initially thought she had suffered a heart attack.

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