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Coroner dishes out job details
Reginald Pierce Sr., Liberty County coroner, discussed details of his job with Rotarians on Tuesday. - photo by Photo by Lauren Hunsberger
Reginald Pierce Sr., Liberty County’s coroner, spoke to Hinesville Rotary Club members Tuesday about his job, the stress that comes with it and his top priority for prevention.
“It’s my job to determine cause, manner and nature of death,” he said.
Pierce said with the rise of TV shows like CSI and other forensic-based series, people sometimes think his job involves mostly murder cases. But with about 85-100 calls a year, he said only a handful turn out to be homicides.
While admitting the post is often a stressful and emotional job, Pierce explained that on a daily basis he sees everything from suicide cases, to homicides, to accidental deaths, drastically ranging in age, socioeconomic levels and cause.
“I treat everyone the same,” he said.
Responding to and investigating deaths is his main duty, but Pierce also said he spends a good amount of time trying to prevent deaths. He visits elementary schools and educates students on the reality of life and death.
“The thing I hate the most is children’s deaths, so I do a lot of public speaking with the youth,” he said. “If you get one child to realize that death is real, consequences are real, then you might be able to prevent an accident.”
And his passion for preventive education has trickled down to his staff as he encourages all employees to help spread knowledge. His team often aids local law enforcement agencies in hosting safety programs, such as a drunk-driving preventive program before prom.
“Education is the most important thing in my office,” he said.
Pierce said people often ask him how he copes with the sadness and death he has to face and he tells them he has found a few ways to help him deal.
“I like to eat and I enjoy watching sports,” he said.
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