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Council is whole once again
Riles sworn in during Friday ceremony
Riles sworn in
Karl Riles’ mother, Sylvia Riles, holds the family Bible as Riles is sworn into office by Judge Nancy Aspinwall April 26. (photo/Kayla Gamble)

“Council and I look forward to working with you,” Hinesville Mayor Allen Brown said, as new District 5 councilmember Karl Riles prepared to be sworn in. Riles officially became the District 5 representative on April 26, after swearing his oath on the family Bible.

Probate Judge Nancy Aspinwall was present to administer both the loyalty oath and the Hinesville City Council oath as the mayor, councilmembers, family and community members looked on.

Afterwards, Riles thanked his family, mother, children, fiancé and granddaughter, expressing his gratitude at the opportunity.

“I’m honored to be elected as the fifth district representative,” Riles said. “Thank you for all the kind words, calls and guidance.”

Riles stressed that it’s important for elected officials to be accessible to their community, and as the District 5 representative, plans to make himself available to his constituents. As a child, Riles recounted, then mayor Buddy Deloach and councilmember Charles Frasier were active in their communities, and would reach out to Riles and ask him how his family was, how his grades were, and just in general make themselves known. Those experiences stay with Riles to this day.

“Change is a lazy word,” Riles continued. “It is not change. Progress is what we seek.” Riles also thanked those who ran against him, and thanked former District 5 councilmember Kenneth Shaw for his many years of excellent service and representation.

Riles will attend his first official council meeting on May 2, and will attend the city’s off-site planning session in Jekyll Island May 3-4.

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