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Court busy before holiday
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Editor’s note: Below are updates on preliminary hearings, arraignments and motions on cases seen before Superior Court Judge David Cavender on Nov. 19.

The State vs. Aisa Gautier
Bond was denied for Aisa Gautier who was brought before the court on two counts of aggravated stalking.
Around Aug. 31 of this year, Gautier was arrested and charged with aggravated assault when she allegedly shot a woman in the hand.
During the state’s testimony it was reported Gautier forced her way into Pamela Hughes’ residence where an altercation ensued after Hughes was found hiding in a back bedroom.
During the altercation, the gun reportedly went off, shooting Hughes in the hand. Police were dispatched to the scene where it was reported Gautier shot herself in the lower abdomen.
Gautier bonded out of jail on $15,000 bond.
Once released, however, Gautier allegedly tried to make contact with the victim on three occasions — violation of the bond agreement.
Gautier’s public defender, Douglas Pray, argued that it was Hughes who may have tried to contact Gautier through phone calls.
On the stand, Hinesville Detective Elizabeth Jackson testified that the police department did receive reports that mentioned Gautier tried to directly or indirectly make contact with Hughes therefore violating the bond.
She also testified Hughes has undergone several surgeries to repair the damage to her hand and that she is fearful for her life.
Bond was then denied on the charges of aggravated stalking.

The State vs. Adam Mitchell
Bond was set at $6,000 for Adam Mitchell who faces burglary charges stemming from a reported incident at the Pit Stop Convenience Store on Airport Road in April of this year.
Police were called to a reported burglary when they found the front glass door broken. During testimony it was stated a witness called the storeowners and together with police the videotapes were reviewed.
According to testimony the tape showed a white male carrying a claw hammer entering the store through the broken door.
While viewing the tape the witness told officers that, although the person was wearing mask, he knew the person and named Mitchell as the perpetrator. Testimony indicated that Mitchell was previously stopped by a police officer and briefly questioned before being released and once his name was given, officers went to his residence to question him again.
During questioning, it was reported officers noticed glass chards in his hair.
The State contends Mitchell initially gave consent to have his house searched but later retracted it when questioned about a T-shirt. It was also reported Mitchell tried to blame it on a black male he knew, although the videotape clearly showed a white male entering the store.
Mitchell was informed there would be a warrant for his arrest and he told officers he would turn himself in that following Monday. But he left for Atlanta instead and was later extradited back to Hinesville.
Judge Cavender set bond at $6,000.

The State vs. Trumaine Stanley
Bond was denied on a series of new charges facing Trumaine Stanley stemming from an incident in October of 2006 involving several shots being fired in the Hawthorne subdivision that sent panic throughout the community.
Stanley, who posted $11,100 in bond to get out jail for an armed robbery charge he faced in October of 2005, currently faces charges of aggravated assault, criminal damage to property in the second degree, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, reckless conduct theft by receiving stolen property and participation in gang activities.
Stanley wrote a handwritten letter that is filed at the clerk of county courts requesting his confession to one of the allegations against him be withdrawn because he was mentally unstable when making the statements.
In the letter he claims he suffers from bi-polar disorder and is manic-depressive.
During court testimony his attorney mentioned that an order for a mental evaluation was requested in July but to date, Stanley has not been evaluated.
The court asked that the matter be looked into but denied bond.
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