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Crime stories 08/11
Charles Rayvan Stanley

Traffic stops turns to chase, arrest

Lewis Levine

A routine traffic stop, shortly after 2:30 pm last Tuesday in Allenhurst turned into a high-speed chase. The chase ended in Hinesville in a wreck.

According to Liberty County Sheriff’s Office, Chief Deputy Max Brown a driver was stopped at the intersection of Douglas and Dunlevie roads and the deputy requested his license.  

Brown said the driver claimed not to have his license on him and gave the deputy a false name.  However, when the deputy ran his name through central dispatch, the name he had provided had an arrest warrant out of Chatham County. 

The deputy called for a backup unit.  When additional units arrived the driver of the Chevy Avalanche decided to flee the scene leading law enforcement on a high-speed chase onto West Oglethorpe Highway and onto South Main.  

When the driver turned onto Eunice Street, the lead deputy ended the chase by using the pursuit intervention technique (PIT) maneuver causing the vehicle to strike a fence before stopping.

When the driver was arrested following the accident, deputies were able to learn his actual name and discovered he had arrest warrants out of Glynn County. The driver was identified as Charles Rayven Stanley.

Stanley is charged with fleeing or attempting to elude, criminal attempt to commit a misdemeanor, obstruction, failure to obey stop sign, failure to maintain lane, improper turn, possession of drug related objects, reckless driving, driving while license suspended and failure to use turn signal. His bond was set at $15,000. He is being held in the Liberty County jail. Brown did not say what the outstanding warrants were for.

HPD Blotters

Patty Leon

Terroristic threats and acts

An officer was dispatched to the Kroger Store in Hinesville to respond to a call of someone being threatened. The officer spoke with an employee who said a man outside the store had threatened one of the store’s employees. The man was outside the store asking people for money. The complainant said he approached the man and told him; he didn’t mind him sitting outside on the bench but he could not be asking store customers for money. The complainant said the man stood up and threatened to beat him so he walked away and called the police. The complainant said he wanted the police to prevent the man from trespassing on the store’s property. The officer spoke with the man who said he was waiting for Western Union and was sitting outside until he received confirmation so he could pick up his money. He said while waiting people were giving him snacks he did not ask for. The man denied asking customers for money. The man received a citation for trespassing but he promptly threw it in the trash. 

Abandoned vehicle

An officer was checking the status of a known abandoned vehicle that was parked at the Ameris Bank in Hinesville. The officer noticed the 1999 Silver Honda had been parked in the same spot for approximately three weeks. The officer tracked down the owner and told her she had to move the car within an hour or it would be impounded. The woman said the car no longer runs and to go ahead and tow it. 

The officer gave the woman a ride to the car so she could gather some of her belongings left in the vehicle. The car was then impounded.

Possession of a dangerous drug / drug sale

An officer was dispatched to the McDonald’s on Highway 84 and MLK to check on an unresponsive man in the drive-thru line. The officer approached the driver and asked him if he was okay. The man responded saying he had been driving from North Carolina and was just tried. While speaking to the driver the officer spotted an empty beer can on the passenger seat. The officer also detected an odor of marijuana. The officer asked the driver to pull into a parking spot. He asked the driver if he had marijuana. The man said he didn’t but had “spice and K2.”

During a search the officer found a substance and placed the man under arrest and in his patrol car. A vehicle search was conducted, and a hand rolled cigar containing a green leafy substance

was found on the passenger side floorboard. Additionally, a digital scale with a white powdery residue was located in the driver side door. No other contraband was located inside the vehicle.

The beer can was determined to be an old can that had been in the vehicle for several weeks. There was marijuana residue throughout the vehicle but nothing substantial to collect. The green leafy substance was not consistent with marijuana and the officer reported it would require a lab verification. The officer ran a background check on the man and found his car registration was expired. Officers determined the man was not impaired. HPD collected the evidence from the vehicle. The man was issued a citation for drug paraphernalia and expired license plate; and released.

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