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DDS Offers online/mobile services for teen drivers

Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) says “Happy Birthday” to teen drivers on their 18th birthday!  Drivers celebrating this milestone are reminded to request a license upgrade using DDS Remote Services to skip a trip to a customer service center.

 DDS Commissioner Spencer R Moore commented, “Using DDS Online Services or the free mobile app DDS 2 GO is the safest and most efficient way to obtain licensing services. This age group can request an upgraded license from their laptop or cellphone within minutes. Why would you come in if you don’t have to?”

 Teens under age 18 are first issued a “restricted” Class D license which imposes passenger and curfew restrictions. Upon reaching age 18, these drivers are eligible to exchange the Class D “restricted” license for a Class C “unrestricted” license.  After requesting a license upgrade online, the replacement license is mailed to them within three weeks.

 Since the COVID-19 Emergency Proclamation on March 14th, over 700,000 Georgia drivers have conducted licensing transactions via or the free mobile app DDS 2 GO and eliminated a visit to a customer service center.  DDS does not charge an additional fee for choosing remote services and many services transactions are eligible for a $5.00 discount.

 Visiting a DDS center is different than it was pre-pandemic. DDS has implemented an appointment for most customer policy for in person service. Those that make an appointment are safely assisted in a timely manner. In all centers, inside capacity is limited to the customer who needs service only, social distancing is practiced and customer capacity limits are enforced.

 Customers are reminded that the safest and most efficient way to conduct driver license services is by using DDS Online Services at or by downloading the free mobile app DDS 2 GO.

 For the DDS response to COVID-19 plus complete driver education and issuance information, please visit

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