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Deal reached to pay for new traffic signal on Veterans Parkway
traffic light

Get ready for a new stoplight along Veterans Parkway.

Hinesville City Council members approved an agreement to pay for a traffic signal to be installed along Veterans Parkway at the entrances to Walmart and Lowes. Council members also approved the bid for the work.

The intersection has a high rate of accidents, city engineer Paul Simonton said, about three times what the Department of Transportation expects to see on a similar road. Platinum Paving won the contract with a bid of $2.3 million and with a $200,000 contingency, the entire project has a $2.7 million price tag.

That cost will be split among three parties — the City of Hinesville, Walmart and the Michael Bryant Trust, which owns property adjacent to Lowe’s.

“Everyone is agreeing to participate in the cost and in the project,” Simonton said. “The Bryant Trust has a great interest in this light.”

City Manager Kenneth Howard also praised the work of the parties in the agreement.

“I would like to commend Tom Ratcliffe with the Bryant Trust and Walmart. We worked diligently for many, many months to get to this agreement,” he said.

The city will use transportation special purpose local option sales tax proceeds to pay for its share of the work.

There will be a left turn lane into the Walmart parking lot. There also will be a through lane coming from the Walmart parking lot that will split into a right turn lane. In addition, there will be a left turn lane into Lowe’s and a deceleration lane on Veterans Parkway into the Walmart parking lot. Crosswalks also will be installed.

Simonton noted how much traffic backs up on Veterans, especially during the Christmas shopping season.

“This whole project includes road improvements, decel lane, parking lot improvements at Walmart,” he said.

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