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Deputies led on high-speed chase

A deputy who attempted to make a traffic stop was led on a high-speed chase Sunday night in Liberty County.

According to Liberty County Sheriff’s Deputy Lt. Anthony Brown, he saw a white Dodge Charger and a green Dodge Charger going 80 mph in a 55 mph zone on Highway 196

Brown, who was headed east, made a u-turn and attempted to initiate a traffic stop. Brown said the vehicles began to speed up, leading him on a high-speed chase.
Brown said as the vehicles turned off their lights as they approached the Fleming Loop. As Brown continued to pursue the vehicles, they allegedly began to accelerate, hitting speeds of 140 mph.

The green Charger continued west, where backup officers lost sight of him.  The driver of the white Charger, identified as Michael Bostic, 18, made a u-turn heading back in the direction of Highway 17.  Bostic is alleged to have made another u-turn back toward Highway 84 and at one point was allegedly driving into oncoming traffic without headlights. 

Bostic allegedly then made another u-turn onto the westbound lane in the direction of Highway 84 and turned around again into the eastbound lane, heading back toward Highway 17, when a deputy used his cruiser to stop him. Bostic’s Charger struck the front passenger side of the deputy’s vehicle. Brown, who was close to Bostic’s Charger, skinned the rear quarter panel.

Bostic, who graduated from Liberty County High School on Friday night, was not injured and was placed under arrest for fleeing or attempting to elude, driving on the wrong side of the road, driving without headlights and taillights, reckless driving, improper passing on the right, failure to use turn signal. Bostic is expected to make a first appearance before a magistrate Monday morning.  Neither of the deputies was injured in the accident.

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