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Eagle Creek Mobile Home Community to be renovated
Eagle Creek owners
Luca DeGrossi and Nick Hakim have purchased Eagle Creek Mobile Home Community and are looking forward to renovating the property. Photo provided

    Eagle Creek Mobile Home Community will be getting an extensive makeover as new owners take over the property. Luca DeGrossi and his business partner Nick Hakim finalized the deal on Oct. 23 and immediately began work on the 170 unit mobile community. The Courier spoke with DeGrossi about the future of the mobile park. 

    DeGrossi and Hakim of New York were looking for properties to flip when they came across Eagle Creek. DeGrossi described the property as an asset that could benefit greatly from their renovating expertise. The interest of the nearby retail outlets plus the town’s proximity to Fort Stewart made it more appealing. Renovation started the moment the business partners left the closing table, starting with the rental office. 

    The business partners have a considerable list of tasks they’re looking to undertake. They’re looking to add new roads and mobile homes to the community. Out dated homes that are still being occupied and vacant homes will be renovated. New landscaping will be done throughout the park as well and, according to DeGrossi, trees up front are already being removed to make the mobile community more visible and inviting. This isn’t the only outdoor change coming for Eagle Creek however. A playground for kids and an outdoor picnic area and pavilion for families are in the works to be added. All of this will be added after the full security system. 

     DeGrossi and Hakim are excited to add a full security system to the mobile community. This will include cameras throughout the property. DeGrossi stated the importance of improving safety conditions for the tenants and for the community as a whole and is very excited given the amount of support shown so far. 

   Another thing he and Hakim are excited for is the new “tenant portal” they are implementing with cooperation from Wal-Mart. With the tenant portal, tenants can pay their rent online or through Wal-Mart. Tenants can also use the portal to submit work orders and maintenance requests. The website for this will be up soon along with the security cameras. 

   DeGrossi and Hakim are interested in offering “turnkey affordable housing” for Hinesville and Fort Stewart residents. 

  “In twelve months, this park will be unrecognizable,” DeGrossi rejoiced.

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