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Early voting to end, Election Day looms
Vote Sign outside of courthouse

Election Day is fast approaching, and Friday, Nov. 2 is the last day to vote early. 

As it stands, this midterm election has spurred record early voting numbers in Liberty and Long counties.

According to Chief Registrar and Elections Supervisor Ella Golden, Liberty County has 31,050 registered and active voters. Long County has 8,687 registered voters, Long County Election Supervisor Trynina Harris said. 

Since Oct. 15, Liberty County has seen a total of 5,440 early votes between both polling locations in Hinesville and Midway. Liberty County’s satellite office has a total of 1,585 ballots, and Hinesville has 3,855 ballots. As of Oct. 29, Long County residents have casted a total of 1,289 votes, Harris said. 

Saturday, Oct. 27, was open all day to voters and Liberty County gathered 468 early votes, 296 in Hinesville and 172 in Midway, Golden said. Long County had 96 early voters on Oct. 27, Harris continued.

The Liberty County NAACP branch is offering residents free rides to the polls on Nov. 6, as well as ridesharing companies Uber and Lyft. 

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