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Best things: Helpful CRCT preparation tips
web Judy Scherer

Standardized testing is a rite of spring in schools around the country. Liberty County students will take the Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests next week. Liberty County School System Superintendent Dr. Judy Scherer recently shared with the Courier her top five test-preparation tips for students and parents:
1. Don’t stress the students out. “Yes, the test is important but not the end of the world, so don’t harp on it the last few days before the test and raise anxiety levels,” Scherer said. “Students will do better without the stress.”
2. Avoid fights, arguments or other conflicts on the mornings before the test. “Make it a good day — find a reason to laugh or smile with your child,” she said.
3. Encourage good study/work habits all year. “Great CRCT scores are a process — not a sprint to the finish. Cramming the last week does not help much,” the superintendent said.
4. Read to and encourage your student to read. “Vocabulary development and reading comprehension are the keys to CRCT success,” Scherer said.
5. Make all learning fun. Talk with your student about things that interest them, expose them to a variety of activities and experiences, share your life experiences, discuss your work and daily-life situations,” she said. “Thinking, reasoning, problem-solving and interpersonal skills are more important than memorizing facts.”

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