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BI sends 353 graduates into world
Bradwell students walk through a gate placed on Olvey Field for the graduation. - photo by Photo by Lauren Hunsberger
Exemplifying his generation’s notorious infatuation with technology, Bradwell Institute salutatorian Young-Min Kim admitted to fellow graduates, friends and families that he consulted Google when researching his speech.
And, as it often is, Kim said the search engine was helpful, supplying endless amounts of information about speeches, graduations and crowd-pleasing tricks. Armed
with a few tips from Google, Kim channeled his love of science and used numbers and facts to inspire his peers — and to give them some perspective.
Using “If the Earth was the size of a golf ball,” as his mantra, Kim repeatedly compared the size of the planet with some of the brightest stars in the universe.
“There’s a star called Betelgeuse,” he said. “If Earth was the size of a golf ball, it would take enough golf balls to make up six Empire State Buildings to fill it.”
Eliciting laughter from the crowd with his up-beat delivery and thoughtful calculations, Kim illustrated the endless possibilities and opportunities that lay at his generation’s fingertips.
After presenting his information, he reminded the students that dreams are never out of reach. In reality, he said, it’s closer than you could ever imagine.
“There’re endless possibilities out there,” he said.  “Dream big.”
Kim also focused on the number 353 — the record number of students who graduated from Bradwell Institute this year.
The crowd clapped and cheered as Kim congratulated his class.
“That was actually a really great speech,” said Sam Rodriguez, who watched his nephew graduate from the stands. “The analogies were dead-on.”
Valedictorian Thomas Baker followed Kim. He delivered an emotionally charged address to his peers, rousing some cheering graduates to their feet.
“I challenge you to impact the country in a positive way,” he said. He told them that whatever they do, they should take a few things with them along the way.
“I have some tools to offer: power, wisdom, courage,” he said.
The valedictorian reminded the graduates that in the coming days, they will be making decisions that will forever shape, their lives, their country and their world.
“This challenge will be with you for the rest of your life,” Baker said.
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