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Columbia College lists recent graduates
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Columbia College-Fort Stewart has announced its recent graduates:

Fort Stewart
Tenicka Missouri-Davis, psychology, BA

Sharon Lynnette Freeman Adams, business administration, BS;
Scott C. Allen, general studies, AGS;
Nicole Marie Belew, general Studies, AGS;
Felecia Ann Boatwright, business administration, BS;
Debra Brown, business administration, BA;
James E. Carter, criminal justice, BA;
Charles Lee Friend, general studies, BGS;
Hilary Ann-Marie Gennings, business administration, BS;
Ok Hui Hoover, business administration, BA;
Larry Gene Hyatt, general studies, BA;
Charles Timothy McClain, general studies, BGS;
Caroline Yuling McKinstry, general studies, AGS;
Jennifer L. Meadows, business administration, BA;
Katherine Montero, business administration, BS;
Joan B. Morgan, business administration, BS;
Jena Keshana Paige, general studies, AGS;
Keith S. Pruitt, interdisciplinary studies, BA;
Christopher D. Quye, interdisciplinary studies, BA;
Samuel J. Robinson Jr., psychology, BA;
Valarie S. Rudolph, interdisciplinary studies, BA;
Kimberly M. Sachau, business administration, BA;
Kelly Lee Sloan, business administration, BA;
Latrice D. Smith, general studies, BGS;

Michael R. Watts, general studies, AGS

Columbia College, which was founded in Missouri in 1851, is a private institution, serves 25,000 working adults, including military service members, worldwide.

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