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District tending to Coastal Academy
EDU coastal academy 0212
The Coastal Academy, part of the Liberty County special education system, is housed in the old Hineshaw Elementary School building on Gause Street. - photo by Photo by Jen Alexander McCall
Though Hinesville’s Coastal Academy is housed in an older, sometimes fickle building, the Liberty County school district has been quick to address recent issues. In January, a representative of the academy shared news of a leaky roof and heating problems at the school during a community forum hosted by the Liberty County Board of Education.
Since then, facilities and maintenance director Roger Osborne said all work order requests from the school that have come through the office have been handled in a timely manner. Coastal Academy site coordinator Catherine Haase agreed.
“Maintenance has responded very quickly any time [problems] occur,” Haase said Thursday. “They’ve been awesome.”
While Haase hasn’t heard any mention from the district of a possible new location for the academy, she said maintenance workers address problems like roof leaks as soon as they can, usually as soon as the offending wet weather clears up.
The heating issue may require a more complex solution, but currently the school isn’t experiencing a recurrence of the problems that cropped up in January. “I’ve had to go outside several times today so I’ve left my coat on, and I’ve noticed it’s very warm in here,” she said.
Haase said because of the building’s age, Coastal Academy has two sources for heat — an old boiler heater and individual heaters for other rooms. She said sometimes the heating system doesn’t seem to work as well as it should, but lately they’ve experienced no shortage of warmth on cold days.
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