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Feats of strength used to motivate students
Former Snow White and Beauty Jennifer Beckham fields questions from the kids
Former Disney World character actress Jennifer Beckham fields questions from the kids. - photo by Photo by Mike Riddle
LUDOWICI — Last week, students at Walker Middle and Smiley Elementary schools got a treat as the motivational group Power Unlimited talked to them and demonstrated feats of strength.
The pep talk and demonstration were to help the students prepare to take their criterion referenced competency testing, which began Monday.
Power Unlimited is group of body builders who advocate breaking down barriers, building up students and challenging them to make right character choices.
Power Unlimited founder Anthony Beckham told the kids, “We’re not born winners or losers, but we are born choosers.”
Beckham, who is called “Rev. Hard Body,” told the students that some of the feats of strength they would see would be a man rolling up a frying pan with his bare hands, seeing a 1,500 page telephone book torn in half, seeing a steel rod bent while being held in the mouth of a man and watching a man snap a baseball bat in half.
Another speaker was Kenneth Etta, who is known for having the world’s largest natural arms.
Beckham’s wife Jennifer also spoke and stressed that the girls need to be “princesses” and the boys need to be “strong men.”
“Being respectful to others and having a big heart is what makes you a princess or a strong man. Going over to someone who is by themselves and saying, ‘you can be my friend,’ that’s being a real princess and a strong Man”, said Beckham, who used to play “Snow White” and “Beauty” at Walt Disney World.
She added, “Boys, be a buddy, not a bully, if someone is by themselves, say, ‘you can be my friend’.”
Some of the other topics stressed to the kids were dealing with peer pressure, not doing drugs and always doing their best.
SES Assistant Principal Ann Thompson said, “Having them here today will hopefully motivate the kids to do their best on the CRCT, and also on any other thing they pursue in life.”
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