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Fiesta on the fifth
Estudiantes celebran cinco de mayo
Mariangeli Altiery flounces her skirt during a dance performed for Jordye Bacon Elementary School students. She was performing as part of the Cinco de Mayo celebration. - photo by Photo by Lauren Hunsberger
Spreading knowledge of different cultures, Dr. Mattie Brown led a colorful and energy-packed Cinco de Mayo celebration at Jordye Bacon Tuesday. Her fourth grade students were jumping with excitement.
All day long students’ spirits were high as they participated in a range of traditional Mexican celebrations.
“We learned the Mexican hat dance... and we learned a lot about Mexican culture,” fourth-grader Alijah Paquettea said.
The students also feasted on traditional food and watched as Mariangeli Altiery, a student at Bradwell and a dancer trained in historical Mexican dance, performed.
“My favorite part was the professional dancer,” Justin Fife said.
Several students, intrigued by her voluminous, layered skirt and entertaining, quick dance steps, agreed the dancing was a spectacular main event.
“The crafts and foods were exciting,” Brown said. “The guest dancer…was bombarded for autographs following her outstanding performance.”
The energy of the performers translated to the students who remained enthused and eager to participate in afternoon activities including a lively, competitive sombrero passing game and a little maraca shaking.
“I learned Mexican culture is really fun,” Carlos Sanchez said with a grin.
While there were plenty of fun and games for all, the students also got a healthy dose Mexican history.
“The celebration allowed students the opportunity to learn about two important events while giving hands-on experience with related crafts,” Brown said. 
Earlier in the day, the students learned about May Day by plaiting a may pole as part of Brown’s day filled with culture.
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