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Schools start posting students grades online
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When Liberty County schools rolled out a new web-based grade recording system last fall, they made sure to implement a system that would encourage more parents to take an active role in following students’ classroom progress.
“We had to switch computer systems because the state was no longer supporting our old one, and we rolled it out for parents on Feb. 11,” said Mary Alexander, assistant superintendent. ‘We use the same system for reporting to the state.”
The new system was introduced to parents one school at a time until all schools had officially launched access.
To view a student’s grades, parents who are on file with their children’s school as the parent or guardian must show a photo ID on campus to obtain an individual username and password. Parents can also view a child’s attendance record and assignments for each class.
Parents with multiple students receive a unique username-password combination for each child, Alexander said. Additionally, anyone who needs assistance learning how to access the grades can get one-on-one help at the schools
“Parents are loving it,” she said, adding that providing parents with a window into the classroom allows them to participate more fully in their child’s academic progress. “Parents are better able to keep tabs on the students’ day-to-day or week-to-week activities.”
Teachers welcome parent conferences to discuss grades that have been posted, Alexander said. “They are very appreciative of parents who are online.”

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