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FPCA in final push for challenge
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The First Presbyterian Christian Academy Highlanders are in a race against the clock as they compete in the second Under Armour Finding Undeniable challenge.

The first phase of competition ends Tuesday, when four teams with the highest point tallies and four wildcard schools will move to a head-to-head competition.

Last year, the Highlanders were finalists in the challenge to find schools with the most heart and determination. On the line is $140,000 in uniforms, apparel, footwear and accessories from the company.

After coming so close, the school has stepped up its game.

“Once again just like last year, it’s more than just a competition,” Head of School Sammi Hester said. “It’s renewing a sense of family and unity at the school and in the community.”

And they’re calling on the community — they receive points for garnering interactive online support from off-campus fans in addition to amassing points for completing challenges and creating their own displays of spirit.

Right after the challenge began in October, 60 representatives traveled by train to New York City to raise awareness, and some appeared on Good Morning America.

Other moves included creating a 150-foot Under Armour logo, conducting a pep rally where students and teachers shaved their heads for the cause, and holding a lock-in on Nov. 8 in which students bonded during a silly-string war and a glow-stick rendition of the “Gangnam Style” dance.

Some participants and supporters even took to the skies at the Jumping Place in Statesboro, where skydivers flew the school’s Finding Undeniable banner while free-falling.

On Friday afternoon, the school was ranked second with 247,273 points — but the competition has been designed by keep teams on their feet.

Community involvement includes video endorsements from several members of local government, online shout-outs from professional athletes and race-car drivers.

To see where the school stands and show support, go to

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