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FPCA science night sparks creativity
0331 FPCA science night
FPCA students perform an experiment with fire March 22 during the school’s annual science night. - photo by Photo provided.
On March 22, First Presbyterian Christian Academy had its annual science night. On science night, all FPCA high school students create and present science experiments for the elementary school students, bridging the age gap between them for a night filled with fun and learning. The experiments vary from science lab staples, such as chemical reactions, to oddities most people would not recognize, like creating plastic or glow-in-the dark bubbles.
One experiment created music using glasses filled with varying amounts of water. By wetting their fingers and running them across the rims of the glasses, the students made the water inside the glasses vibrate, creating musical notes.
FPCA elementary school students also learned how to get an egg inside a bottle, how to make fire dance to music, the science of icecream making, physics of bask etball, liquid densities, science behind a rainbow, how lava lamps work, how to create a vortex ring, how to color fire and about chemical reactions. Georgia Power representatives attended the event and gave a presentation about electrical safety.
After visiting each experiment, elementary students were given small prizes, such as noisemakers or candy. Students, teachers and parents enjoyed the evening and left with new knowledge.

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