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Funding requests top Long BoE agenda
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The Long County Board of Education approved clearing land behind Veterans Stadium for a new multi-purpose practice field. - photo by Photo by Mike Riddle
The Long County Board of Education conducted their business meeting Oct. 8 and several items of business were addressed:
• Representing the school bus drivers, Debbie Long informed the board of concerns about a salary increase, discipline problems on the buses, and a possible sick-leave accrual change. She said bus drivers were requesting to be compensated for the additional days earned, beyond the 45 days that are allowed to be carried over annually.  
No actions were taken, but board member Linda DeLoach said, “There is not enough money to pay bus drivers what they are worth.”
• Representing the Long County Library, Suzanne Stephens requested an increase in the amount of money given to the library. According to Stephens, the BOE currently provides $9,600 annually, but the last time an increase was given was in 1999. The board took no action at the meeting.
• Representing the Long County Alumni Association, Darrell Ballance presented the board with four Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs). He suggested one be placed at each of the schools and one at the sports facility. He also said training could be arranged for all faculty members on how to use them.
The device is used as a first-aid tool to shock a person who is suffering from cardiac arrest. They have been proven to increase the chance of saving someone’s life and are fairly easy to use. The board thanked Ballance and the Alumni Association for the help they provide to the schools.
• The board approved clearing the land behind the visitors’ side of Veterans Stadium to create room for a multi-use practice field.
• The board adopted a mission/belief and vision statement that says the schools will ensure a quality education for all students by providing an effective learning environment where students have the opportunity to be challenged and academically successful. The Vision Statement stipulates the school system will be an exemplary system where all students meet or exceed local, state and federal accountability measures.
The belief statement can be seen at the BoE office.
• The board accepted the retirement request from Maintenance and Transpiration director Ray Holloway, effective June 30, 2008.
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