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High school ends, higher education begins for class of 2013
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Just a few months ago, the community watched as students in the classes of 2013 from Bradwell Institute, Liberty County High School and First Presbyterian Christian Academy collected their diplomas and threw their caps in the air.
Now, as August quickly approaches, the majority of these recent high-school graduates will pack their possessions into boxes, say their goodbyes and take the next steps to higher education.
College can be a scary yet exciting time for students and their parents; it’s a glimpse into the adult world without completely being thrown into it.
Daniesha McLaughlin, a Liberty County High School graduate, showed ambition throughout high school by taking part in the nursing program and excelling in advanced-mathematics classes and plans to transfer those as she attends Georgia State University as a biology major.
When it came to planning, McLaughlin accomplished everything that was needed in order to make her transition from high school to college easier.
“Well, first I made sure that all financial requirements would, and could, be met. Then I completed the next steps of college preparation such as orientation, class registration and room selection. Now, I’m beginning the purchase of all things I’ll need for my room while I’m in college,” McLaughlin said.
She anticipates big changes in her life as she begins her new life in Atlanta, but she said she is as prepared as ever to take on these obstacles.
“I think it’ll be different and a new experience, considering the fact that I’ll be in a new environment with new people,” McLaughlin said. “I assume there will be a lot of hard work involved since it’s a higher step in education, but I also think it’ll be an enjoyable and memorable experience.”
Bradwell Institute graduate and McDonald’s manager Jeremy Corwin plans to major in accounting at Georgia Southern University.
With help from multiple scholarships, including the Martin Scholarship, and college credit from Advanced Placement courses, Corwin already has earned an affordable start to his college education.
Corwin has his goals set high, and he plans to take in as much as he can while taking part in the college experience.
“I hope to maintain a 4.0, finish early, study abroad, take on multiple internships and just enjoy it,” he said.
Both McLaughlin and Corwin sent messages to members of the class of 2014 who, in just a few weeks, will begin their senior year as well as their eagerly awaited college searches.
“Start as early as possible. It’s better because more scholarships are open to you if you’re accepted early on,” Corwin said.
“My advice would be to choose a college that makes you feel welcomed and like you’re at home. Don’t base your decision off of partying, but base it off the education level that the school provides,” McLaughlin said. “Don’t settle for anything less than what you want or deserve, because your education is important.”

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