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Literary team takes title
Students on the FPCA literary team are, from left, in back, Kaelan Dorr, Joshua Rodgers, Andrew Walden, Timothy Ashmen and Patrick Steele; in front, Amanda Chadbourne, Alyson Hamilton and Caroline Riley. Not pictured is Brianna Correa. - photo by Photo by Lauren Hunsberger
A group of nine students from First Presbyterian Christian Academy traveled to Douglas where students from around the region competed against each other by demonstrating the power of the written and spoken word.
The literary team competed in the GISA Region 2A Literary Meet on March 4 and took first place in the event.
The contest was divided into many specialized categories, some of which included impromptu challenges and others that required extensive rehearsals.
“We all learned a lot about ourselves,” said Caroline Riley, who received first place in the girls’ argumentative essay contest.
Tackling current events and social responsibility, students wrote essays about redeployment in Iraq and possible solutions for the economy. Some gave speeches about social issues and recent vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin’s appearance on Saturday night live. The students composed their pieces without knowing the topics beforehand.
“It’s difficult to prepare when you don’t know the topic,” said Kaelan Dorr, first place winner in the boys’ argumentative essay. “It’s shows natural talent.”
The other half of the competition focused more on the artistic side of literature and included humorous performances, such as a depiction of a Mark Twain scene, a dramatic interpretation piece from Les Miserables and a musical performance of "On My Own" from the same play.
“I don’t mind making a fool out of myself,” Andrew Walden said. Walden recreated a comedic scene from Tom Sawyer.
There was also a spelling contest in which Patrick Steele, a self-proclaimed well-spring of useless information, took first place.
Members of the team say they are looking forward to keeping their title next year.
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