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Locals participate in special ed week declaration
ECW pic
Fayette County parent mentor Allison Stevenson, Clayton County lead coordinator for the Division of Exceptional Students Charlotte Taylor-Shoemaker, Douglass County parent mentor Renee Davis, Clayton County director for the Division of Exceptional Students Amanda Scott-Kaigler, Clayton County parent mentor Stephanie G. Simms, Liberty County parent Melissa Lovett, Liberty County parent mentor Lisa Vaughn, Clayton County parent mentor Opal T. Simmons, Cobb County parent mentor Judith Steuber and Gov. Sonny Perdue. - photo by Photo provided.
The Council for Exceptional Children initiated Exceptional Children’s Week as a means to educate the public about children with disabilities and garner support for them and special education.
Since its inception, many CEC units have taken advantage of ECW to help people understand the needs and capabilities of exceptional children and the programs that support them in their communities. In addition to increased public awareness, ECW gives community members an opportunity to become involved in the advancement of students with disabilities.
Professionals, parents, students, politicians and the public have worked together to enhance the acceptance of children with disabilities.
Recently, Liberty County School System Exceptional Learning Parent Mentor Lisa Vaughn and parent advisory committee member Melissa went to the Capitol where Gov. Sonny Perdue signed the Exceptional Children’s Week proclamation.
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