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More Liberty Co. students taking ACT
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Fewer taking SAT

While more students are taking ACTs, fewer are taking the SATs (Bradwell had 174 in 2008 and 160 in 2009. Liberty County had 105 in 2008 and 71 in 2009). Bradwell’s average went up a few points from 1346 to 1355 and Liberty’s went down a point from 1403 to 1402. More system specifics concerning SAT results have yet to be released.
Falling in line with state trends, an increasing number of seniors in Liberty County schools are taking the ACT, a standardized test used for college admissions, than in previous years.
According to LCSS Superintendent Dr. Judy Scherer, where SATs used to be the priority for college-bound students, many more colleges are now accepting ACT scores as well as SATs, allowing students more opportunities to succeed.
“A lot more students are taking it primarily because it becoming much more accepted by colleges,” Scherer said.
Based on the numbers, Liberty County students are taking advantage of being able to take two different tests. In 2008, 93 students (54 from Liberty County HS and 39 from Bradwell Institute) took the ACTs and in 2009 157 students took it (109 from LCHS and 48 from BI).
On a scale of one to 36, in 2009 the average score for Liberty County High school was 19.3 and for Bradwell 18.9, both just slightly different from 2008 (Liberty County 19.2 and Bradwell 19.3)
While Scherer said the tests are fairly equivalent, there is a slight difference in that the SATs are meant to test a student’s aptitude and the ACTs are meant to test what the student has learned.
The Georgia Department of Education reported that the state’s ACT average is a few points higher than the county’s.
According to a release, about 40 percent of Georgia’s 2009 graduating seniors took the ACT with an average score of 20.6, the same as 2008.
They also reported that the national average composite score was 21.1. Georgia seniors tied for 40th in the nation, up from 41st in 2008 and 47th in 2005.
For the most part, despite the spike in participation, state educators said the increase in participation hasn’t disrupted state averages.
“Even with a dramatic increase in participation, Georgia’s ACT scores held onto the gains we’ve made the past few years and our national rank improved,” said State Superintendent of Schools Kathy Cox.
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