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No injuries in Liberty bus fender-bender
0113 Lib bus wreck
Children are moved from one Liberty County school bus to another after the first bus was involved in a fender-bender with a private vehicle Thursday morning on Highway 84 in Hinesville. - photo by Hollie Moore Barnidge

A Liberty County school bus en route to Snelson-Golden Middle School was involved in a fender-bender Thursday morning on Highway 84 in Hinesville.

Officials said no one was injured and neither vehicle was seriously damaged. The bus was carrying about 31 students.

Tony Norce, director of transportation for LCSS, said the bus bumped into the back of a pickup truck while waiting at a red light.

"I think his foot just eased up and he rolled into the back of a pick-up truck," he said.

The bus was not damaged. Norce said he believes the truck’s bumper had some scarring and a broken tail light.

Hinesville Police Department Traffic Investigator Cpl. Scott Hensler said the accident occurred around 8:15 a.m.

Like Norce, Hensler said the vehicles had "just a couple of dings and scratches."

EMS responders were dispatched to the scene in accordance with LCSS protocol, Norce said.

"They sign off that everyone’s good to go, and we transfer them on their way to school," he said. "We want to make sure that we have the safest situation possible."

The students were moved to another bus, also district protocol, and arrived to school about an hour late.

Anytime an accident involving a bus occurs, Norce or another administrator must escort the driver to be screened for drugs and alcohol as a precautionary measure, Norce added.

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