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Students participate in Civil War re-enactment
EP CivilWar
Fifth grade students at Taylors Creek Elementary School get hands-on learning about the Civil War. - photo by Emily Peterson / Coastal Courier
Taylors Creek Elementary School fifth graders participated in a Civil War re-enactment Nov. 9. The fifth graders have been studying the Civil War for the past two weeks and have learned the slang used by the soldiers. Classes had to choose whether to be Union or Confederate soldiers. Kristen Martin’s class (pictured) chose to be Union soldiers. After fighting in the Battle of Bull Run, the soldiers returned to the campsite to learn they had lost the battle and that some of their fellow soldiers were still on the battlefield. The soldiers had a supper of beans, beef jerky, hardtack and coffee or water. They were given some time to write home to their families and then it was time for bed. The soldiers woke the following morning to the clanking of pots and were off to fight in their next battle. The Union soldiers shown had to pick their duty for the night — either keeping guard of the campsite or helping with supper.
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