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Surviving Math Night
sub MMS MathNight2
The theme of MMS's Math Night was based on "Survivor" so decorations were tropical. - photo by Submitted
The cafeteria at Midway Middle was bustling with activity on the evening of March 25.
More than 45 students and their families attended the school's annual Math Night.  This year the theme was based on the hit television series "Survivor." The entrance to the cafeteria was decorated with tiki torches, rope and even a giant bug.  Inside, lunch tables were transformed into challenge areas, each with a different, math-related activity.
Participants were engaged in eight math activities presented as tribal challenges.  Concepts covered in the activities included word problems, measuring in centimeters, equations, fractions, volume, surface, percents, decimals, coordinate planes and graphing, and patterns.
In keeping with the theme, activities had names like the Coconut Toss, Swamp Jump Challenge, Immunity Idol Challenge and the Cast Net Challenge.  All of the activities were created by the math teachers at Midway Middle.
Incentives were offered to students for attending. Several math teachers offered extra credit or free homework passes.  Complimentary hot dogs, chips and drinks were served. Just like on Survivor, prizes were awarded. Up for grabs was a GPS navigator and two Applebee's gift cards.  All participants received candy bars.

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