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Tax breaks offered for FPCA scholarship donations
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First Presbyterian Christian Academy has joined the Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program, which provides tax credits for donations to private school scholarship funds.
In 2008, Georgia passed a law that permits taxpayers to take the state income tax credit for amounts contributed to qualified student scholarship organizations. The contributions must be used to provide scholarships to students who desire to transfer from public to a private school or who are eligible to enter pre-k or kindergarten at a private school.
FPCA is partnering with the Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program to award scholarships to families with students who wish to enroll in FPCA, according to headmistress Amy Swindell. The program specifically targets low-and middle-income families.
“As the leading Georgia SSO, GOAL takes seriously its obligation to run an effective, efficient, and ethical scholarship program that will benefit deserving students, private schools, and communities around the State.  During the 2009-10 school year, more than 600 GOAL scholarship recipients are attending the private schools chosen by their parents or guardians,” said Lisa Kelly, executive director of the Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program.
Individual taxpayers can receive a Georgia income tax credit for contributions to GOAL of up to $1,000; married couples can contribute up to $2,500 and receive a corresponding tax credit.
To make a qualified contribution, download a form from the GOAL Web site and follow its instructions. Then take the completed form to FPCA. The state will send confirmation, if the tuition tax credit cap doesn’t exceed $50 million. If OKed, then you make the contribution to the statewide fund with FPCA designated as the recipient.
GOAL will send the taxpayer an acknowledgment that is to be filed with the Georgia income tax return.
Complete information about the program and all required forms are on GOAL’s
For more information about FPCA, visit
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