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Fay keeps coastal residents on toes
Storm moving across Florida, drenching this area
Libert-Hinesville EMA Director Mike Hodges points to a radar image of the storm on one of his computer screens. - photo by Photo by Lauren Hunsberger
On Tuesday, local weather experts predicted Fay would bring flooding. David Stooksbury, state climatologist, said, “flooding will be the story of Fay. Where, exactly, is the question.” So far, Fay hasn’t disappointed, dropping 20 to 30 inches of rain in some areas of Florida.
Although the storm stalled in Florida for a while, bringing a constant, torrential downpour to the state’s upper Eastern coast, the possibility of flooding in Georgia remains. The storm was expected to touch ground for the third time Thursday night, bringing loads of water to the entire Southeastern coast during the weekend.
Ken Davis, public affairs officer for the Georgia Emergency Management Agency, said residents of South Georgia should prepare for flooding and power outages today and possibly Saturday.
“Even just rain could produce gusty winds that could interrupt power,” Davis said. “I encourage people to be prepared and have a family disaster plan. Everyone should have 72 hours worth of the essential items.”
Similarly, Mike Hodges, director of Liberty-Hinesville Emergency Management Agency, advised residents not to let their guards down.
“We shouldn’t become complacent,” Hodges said. “People need to stay aware and watch all media sources possible for updates.”
Hodges encourages people not to be distracted by the fact the relatively slow storm has not strengthened into a hurricane. Some places in Florida are dealing with damaging floods and wind, and the same could be in store for Georgia. Flash flood and tropical storm warnings are in place until this evening.
Local grocery stores and hardware stores are seeing a small influx of people buying water and batteries, but as of Thursday, there was not a lot of activity.
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