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Final election numbers are in

The Coastal Courier has received the final numbers from the Nov. 5 municipal elections. Some newly elected candidates won by narrow margins including one council seat in Walthourville that was decided by 7 votes.

The Liberty County Board of Elections meet Wednesday morning to look into whether recounts were needed. The Board of Elections concluded no recounts were necessary.

The cities of Riceboro and Walthourville elected new Mayors. Two new council seats members were selected for Walthourville. 

In Hinesville all the incumbents were re-elected.

Here are the final numbers.


Mayor: Allen Brown 1563

Liston Singletary 1483

District 1

(I)Diana Reid 219

Cathey Winn 168

District 2

(I)Jason Floyd 562

Richard Hayes 339

District 3

(I)Vicky Nelson 276

Arthur Nixon 222

District 4

(I)Keith Jenkins 385

Dexter Newby 229

District 5

(I)Karl Riles 423

Andrew Smith Sr. 219




Joseph Harris 163

Chris Stacy 107

Council members

Louise Brown 187

John Young (Incumbent) 165

David Miller (Incumbent) 157

Pearlie Richardson-Axson 117

Timothy Akra 98

Joseph Wynn 93

Charlie Jones 83



Larry D. Baker 295

Daisy Pray (Incumbent) 206


Council members

Post 1 – Challenger - James E. Hendry 255

Patricia Green (Incumbent) 225

Post 2 - Charlie L. Anderson (Incumbent) 301

Challenger - Sadaetirs Karen Smith 183

Post 3 – Renee Anderson Hemingway 187

Bridgette Kelly 180

Paulette Jamison 120

Post - Luciria Luckey Lovette (Incumbent) 294

Challengers - Robert (bob) Dodd 195

Post 5 - Vincent K. Pray (Incumbent) 194

Challengers - Sarah (Betty) Hayes 156

Carlinda Anderson Fleming 136


FINAL Election Numbers.pdf
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