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Former sheriff's son now in race
Steve Sikes
Saying he can reconnect the sheriff’s office to the citizens of Liberty County, Steve Sikes has formally announced his intent to run for sheriff at November’s special election.
Sikes’ family has a tradition of serving as previous sheriff within the county.
Sikes’ grandfather, Paul Sikes, became Sheriff in 1937 and served for 22 years. Sikes’ father, Robert “Bobby” Vernon Sikes was elected into office in 1960 and served for a total of 28 years before yielding the office to the former sheriff the late J. Don Martin.
“I can remember when my grandfather and then my father would ride out to Fleming, Riceboro, Flemington and all around Liberty County,” Sikes said. “They would meet with the citizens of Liberty County, sit on the front porch with them and listen to their concerns. That’s the way it should be.”
Sikes, a Democrat, said the experience of watching his grandfather and father, coupled with his 40 years of experience as a local business owner give him a special insight into the administrative and civil duties the position requires.
“I saw the respect that my dad and my grandfather had from a lot of people in this community,” he said. “He used that respect in a way to engage the citizens in the community so they could have an input into the way the sheriff’s department was structured. I learned that to be successful the sheriff and the sheriff’s office needs to have a direct and strong connection with the citizens of Liberty County. It is the law enforcement needs of the citizens that the sheriff is elected to meet.
“I’ve also owned and operated a business in Liberty County. In that capacity I have gained valuable experience as an administrator. I believe my business experience along with my law enforcement heritage will translate well into the office of sheriff, which is the business of meeting the law enforcement needs of the citizens...”
Sikes said he would like to see more of a community oriented approach to policing, saying it would reduce the incidents of assaults, batteries, burglaries, other thefts and crimes, thereby ensuring the citizens a safer place to live.
Sikes has been married to Dean Sikes for 44 years and together have three children and nine grandchildren. The couple were born and raised in Liberty County. Two of his three children also call Liberty County home.
“As a father and grandfather I understand the deep love that parents and grandparents have for their children,” he said. “Reducing crimes against children in Liberty County is an issue close to my heart.”
Sikes said he believes that by involving the community, crimes against children such as child abuse, child sexual exploitation, gang violence, drug use and bullying in schools can be reduced.
Wanting to hear citizens’ concerns Sikes has scheduled two town hall meetings. The first will be at 7 p.m. July 29 at the St. James Sports Center in Midway. The second will be at 7 p.m. Aug. 5, in Hinesville at a location to be announced.
“As a Liberty County native, I know many of the citizens I seek to represent,” Sikes said. “However, I look forward to personally meeting and getting to know as many more Liberty County citizens as possible in the coming months. I hope that you will join me in my effort to make Liberty County a safer place to raise our families.”

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