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Georgia DDS a leader in ID compliance

Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) is a leader in Real ID compliance for driver’s licenses/IDs.  As the deadline of October 1, 2020 rapidly approaches, DDS has issued 96.2 percent of its’ customers a Real ID driver’s license or ID Card.  With over 8 million cardholders, it is expected that less than 20,000 of those on Georgia’s driver history data base could be without a Real ID on October 1, 2020.

At that time, individuals will not be allowed to clear TSA or enter a Federal building using a non-compliant state-issued driver’s license/ID Card.  Real ID cards show that the holder has presented the required Homeland Security information during their issuance process and have a card marked with a gold or black star in the right-hand corner.

“I am very proud of the position that Georgia is in,” said DDS Commissioner Spencer R. Moore.  As states were debating whether or not to adopt the Federal mandate, Georgia was producing a compliant card by July 1, 2012.  “With the busiest airport in the nation and strong support from State Leadership, DDS was all in right from the start,” said DDS Commissioner Spencer R. Moore. 

Georgia’s process proactively issues Real IDs to all customers who presented the required documentation.  Many states created a separate credential or allowed customers to opt out of Real ID issuance which likely added to their scramble now.  Moore has been actively involved the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) for nearly a decade, and he currently serves on the International  Board of Directors. 

“We were able to serve as a model for several other states who sought our expertise and lessons learned during this process,” Moore said. 

For customers without a Real ID card, please review the required documentation provided at this link and remember that Tuesday is the busiest day to visit.

 DDS in person.

Those citizens who have a Real ID black or gold star on their card do not have to present documentation again or visit in person.  DDS recommends downloading the free mobile app, DDS 2 GO, to renew or replace a license or ID and receive a five-dollar discount.

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