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Graduations set for Saturday
LCHS, FPCA, BI seniors to walk stage
top grads
Top graduates from high schools in Liberty County are, from left, LCHS salutatorian Meagan Rowe, BI salutatorian Young-Min Kim, LCHS valedictorian Brittany Butler, FPCA valedictorian Patrick Taylor, BI valedictorian Thomas Baker and FPCA salutatorian Debi Meadows. The Courier regrets the error. - photo by Photo by Lauren Hunsberger

Graduation times

LCHS, 8:30 a.m. Donell Woods Stadium

FPCA, 11 a.m. on its campus

BI, 8 p.m. Olvey Field

Graduation day in Liberty County is filled with anticipation, excitement and pride. Tomorrow’s ceremonies, however, also bring a few firsts for area high schools.
Although a modest 15 seniors, the graduating class at First Presbyterian Christian Academy will forever be remembered as the first class to graduate from the school.
“This is a very special group, not only because it’s the first opportunity to have a graduation ceremony on our campus, but also to have watched these young men and women grow up in our school and weather the storms of a growing school,” said Amy Swindell, head of school for FPCA.
Because it’s taken more than eight years to get to this point, she said the process has been a challenge for everyone. Her goal, however, has remained to provide the students with a special day to remember.
“They like to call themselves the guinea pigs,” she chuckled. “But it’s amazing to see how much they’ve grown over the past years academically, athletically. They’ve come into their own and they’ve really bloomed.”
FPCA’s valedictorian is Patrick Taylor and Debi Meadows is salutatorian.
As the seniors at FPCA prepare for the first ceremony on their field behind the school, another local school will christen a new field with graduation memories and accomplishments.
This year’s graduates from Liberty County High School will make the first graduation footprints in Donell Woods Stadium. And the students of the graduating class couldn’t be more thrilled to celebrate their big day on their home turf.
“We are making history by being the first LCHS graduating class to graduate on our own field,” said salutatorian Meagan Rowe.
Brittany Butler is valedictorian.
“People will always remember that the Class of 2009 was the first. It is also nice to feel like you are at home and not borrowing someone else’s field.”
Many of the students agreed that it’s exciting, adding that hosting the ceremony on their campus boosted school spirit and a sense of pride.
“It’s nice to graduate on our own field because it really makes you feel like a Panther,” Charles Fields said. “After completing our senior year, it’s nice to graduate at home, feeling the spirit of Liberty with every step we take.”
“It is a great way to end 13 years of school. It is an amazing experience,” classmate Sebastien Vakerics said.
Bradwell Institute graduates may not have a new field to break-in, but their accomplishments and plans are no less significant.
BI graduation coach Lea Bailey said this graduating class has been a memorable one, with many students she is proud of.
“They’re really such great students,” she said. “We have several students that got scholarships to college. I know of a few that got scholarships to UGA.”
BI valedictorian is Thomas Baker and Young-Min Kim is salutatorian.
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