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Grand jury files presentments Sept. 9
School system gets high marks, pay raise for bailiffs recommended
grand jury

The Grand Jury filed its presentments on Sept. 9 for the 2019 February and May terms and a June inspection. 

In addition to returning 183 true bills and six no bills Feb. 11-12, and 231 true bills May 7-8, the Grand Jury gave high marks to the Liberty County School System superintendent’s office and building and praised the county’s public school system. 

Ten of the grand jurors met on June 4 to inspect the superintendent’s office. 

“On inspection, the building was clean and neat. The programs for the staff and teachers are great. The programs and resources the Board of Education provides is amazing and being used to its full potential,” states the presentment document.

Grand jurors also recommended increasing bailiffs’ pay from $60 to $75 daily, and give bailiffs a yearly uniform allowance of $200. 

The county governing authority, the LIberty County Commission, approved the bailiff pay increase which became effective July 1, but did not approve the suggested clothing allowance for bailiffs.

Twenty-three grand jurors were sworn in on Feb. 11 by Judge Jay Stewart. 

The Grand Jury heard presentations from the District Attorney, the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office, the city of Hinesville Police Department and Fort Stewart investigators.

grand jury presentments
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