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Health departments offering no-cost vaccines through Nov. 30
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There is good news for adults without insurance coverage for vaccinations – the health departments of the Coastal Health District are now offering adult vaccines at no cost for individuals without adequate insurance coverage.

Several vaccinations are recommended at different stages for adults, like immunizations against shingles, tetanus, whooping cough, measles and more. Health insurance covers most routine vaccinations, but adults without insurance must sometimes pay a fee for vaccines.

“Vaccination saves lives, and we believe everyone in our community who wants to be vaccinated should have access to vaccines,” said Paige Lightsey, immunization director for the Coastal Health District. “Thanks to a federal grant, we can now offer no-cost vaccines for adults in every county of our health district.”

The no-cost vaccination program runs from May 1 through November 30. To see if you qualify for a no-cost vaccine or to schedule an appointment for vaccination, please call the Liberty County Health Department at (912) 876-2173. Long County residents can call the Long County Health Department at (912) 545-2107.

Each year in the US, as many as 50,000 adults die from vaccine-preventable diseases or their complications. Life-saving vaccines for adults include:

·       Chickenpox

·       Hepatitis A

·       Hepatitis B

·       Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

·       MMR

·       Meningococcal

·       Pneumococcal

·       Shingles

·       Tetanus

·       Pertussis (whooping cough)

·       Diphtheria

If you’re not sure which adult immunizations you may need, check with your health department, or visit for information about recommended vaccines for adults.


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