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High schoolers can learn about dual enrollment at GSU campuses
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In search of more academic challenges, high school sophomore Kaylee McCook has found her niche at the Georgia Southern University Liberty Campus through Dual Enrollment, a program where high school students can enroll in college courses for little to no cost.

The 15-year old, who took extra steps to enroll in the program earlier than the minimum age requirement of 16, plans to earn an associate’s degree by the time she graduates high school, a goal that wouldn’t be possible without the help of Dual Enrollment.

Dual Enrollment is funded by the state of Georgia and is available to high school students in good academic standing who want to get ahead in their academic career and experience college life with minimal costs. Motivated high school students can challenge themselves through college coursework by taking one course at a time or enrolling as a full-time student.

McCook plans to continue her education at Georgia Southern after high school but doesn’t feel limited if she chooses another college or university.

“A degree will transfer to any college, whether or not I choose to stay at Georgia Southern,” said McCook. “It’s not that maybe this college accepts AP classes and maybe this other one doesn’t. I know my associate’s degree will go with me wherever I go.”

Alexandria Shearer, a freshman at Georgia Southern’s Statesboro Campus, dual enrolled on the Armstrong Campus as a high school student. A free education and free books sounded appealing to Shearer, but so did the opportunities dual enrolling offered for her future.

“Because I got a lot of required courses out of the way while I was dual enrolled in high school, I have the ability to double major in exercise science and Spanish, while still being able to use my Zell Miller scholarship,” she said. “So it’s definitely going to have a really good impact on where I go with life. Because I wasn’t even thinking about double majoring in Spanish before.”

Dual Enrollment Information Sessions hosted at all three campuses gives high school students and their parents the opportunity to learn more about this unique program. Sessions will take place from 6-7 p.m. Nov. 7 and 8 on the Statesboro, Liberty and Armstrong campuses, respectively. Interested high school students should apply for Spring 2019 enrollment by Dec. 1.

For more information about these events, or to register, visit and click the “events” entry.


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