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Hinesville approves building remodels, grants contract proposals
hinesville city hall

At the regular Hinesville City Council meeting, council approved the Design Review Board’s recommendations for building redesigns, made board appointments and approved two upcoming contracts for roadwork and janitorial services.

Liberty Consolidated Planning Commission Zoning Administrator Gabby Hartage presented to council the Design Review Board’s recommendations for the rebuild package store at the 760 E. Oglethorpe Highway, at the intersection of Highway 84 and General Stewart Way.

Hartage said the new building will contain two suites. The larger suite will contain the liquor store and storage space, and is approximately 6,000 square-feet. The tenant suite is approximately 4,000 square-feet, Hartage continued. The buildings currently on the lot will be completely demolished and rebuilt. The exterior will be brick with grey awnings.

Hartage also presented KFC’s proposed building updates—which includes only updates to exteriors walls and renovations to the interior of the building. Striped awnings will be replaced by stripes on the building, Hartage said. Building lighting will be modernized and be located on top of the building, she added.

Council unanimously approved the board’s recommendations.

Matthew Barrow with PC Simonton and Associates presented the bid results for the Welborn Street Pipe Replacement project. The existing corrugated pipes have failed and require replacement. Public works temporarily filled the void created by the pipes and patched the road until the work can be completed, he said.

Barrow recommended Palm Coast Utilities be awarded the contract in the amount of $54,603. The funding for the project will be local, coming from the Stormwater Utility Fund and maintenance budgets. Council approved unanimously.

Assistant City Manager Ryan Arnold presented to council the bids received for janitorial services for city hall. According to Ryan, the city entered into an agreement for services in 2013 and modified in 2015 for bi-weekly janitorial supplies and services at city hall for $32,100 per year.

The city received two bids by the deadline. Arnold’s recommendation to award 25th Hour Enterprises, LLC the contract not to exceed $27,200 per year was met with some dissent from District 3 and 4 councilmembers Diana Reid and Keith Jenkins.

Reid voiced her concern about other local companies not receiving the call for bids because it wasn’t advertised in the paper, she said. Most local companies don’t just surf the website or internet, they are more likely to look at a local paper, she continued.

Jenkins said that the city makes an effort to get that information to local businesses to help support them, by placing ads in the paper. Jenkins suggested that next time services needed be advertised so that local businesses can participate if they wish.

After discussion, council approved the contract award to 25th Hour Enterprises, LLC.

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