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Hinesville mayor endorses Barack Obama
Hinesville Mayor Jim Thomas - photo by File photo / Coastal Courier
Hinesville mayors have traditionally stayed away from endorsing candidates, but Mayor Jim Thomas broke with tradition Friday when he officially put his support behind Democrat and Illinois Sen. Barack Obama.
Thomas said he has been following the Obama campaign since it began with the presidential hopeful's speech in Springfield, Ill., last year and believes Obama's message of change is what's needed "at the beginning of a change in American politics."
"I think that Sen. Obama can provide the kind of leadership that we need in our nation at this time," he said. "I think his appeal to a wide variety of people within the community, especially to our young people and especially to people who are interested in seeing the nation go forward, are things that I think will serve him well as our president."
The mayor said he backs Obama's platform concerning the economy, education and healthcare, and despite rivals' attacks on his inexperience in "Washington politics," thinks he is ready to lead the country on these issues.
Thomas added his decision to endorse Obama, while a diversion from the normal practice, is not about playing politics, but taking a stand on what is best for the nation at this time in history.
"My position (as mayor) is a non-partisan position, but I think that we all have our own political feelings and I think that we must express those to let people know where we stand," he said. "I didn't think about (this endorsement) in a political sense. I just think that it's the right thing to do at this time."
Heading into Tuesday's primary, Obama is leading Sen. Hillary Clinton in a number of Georgia polls.
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