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Hinesville police report increase in thefts from cars
29 in one week reported
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The Hinesville Police Department is reporting a recent increase in car entries resulting in stolen property, including 29 in one week. 

HPD detective Gail Poulsen said there’s been a spike in reports by citizens whose vehicles are being entered while parked at various locations. 

Poulsen added many of these entering autos are occurring in the car owners’ driveways.

“Criminals are walking areas, including subdivisions, apartment complexes, and mobile home parks and pulling on door handles,” Poulsen reported. “If found unlocked, the suspect goes in to plunder for anything of value.  We would like to ask that everyone lock their vehicles every time they park and never leave anything of value inside the vehicle.”

Poulsen said the break-ins typically occur at night. The thief makes off with items,such as credit cards, jewelry, firearms, small electronics, wallets and cash. 

The credit cards are often used before the victim even discovers the crime.

HPD reported that there was one person of interest recently arrested in Gainesville, Fla,  who  may have been responsible for multiple break-ins in one section of the city.

They report there is still sporadic break-ins across the city and are seeking a person of interest for auto entries in the Wildwood and Glenn Bryant subdivisions.

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