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Hinesville Police reports July 28 edition

HPD Blotters

Patty Leon

An officer was dispatched to the Econo Lodge on Oglethorpe Highway where two women told officers a man came running up behing them and began striking one of the women on the arm.

The two women explained they were walking from the Oyo Hotel to JJ’s Bar and Grill to grab some dinner.

As they were leaving their hotel a man approached one of the women and reportedly started striking her left arm with a closed fist. The victim explained that she once dated the man for three months and broke up with him last week. The other woman said the man came out of nowhere and started hitting her friend.

She said she didn’t know what to do and froze. After the man left they ran to JJ’s and called police. The victim declined help from EMS. The suspect was described as being six-feet tall weighing 200 pounds and wearing a black tank top with blue jeans. The man is bald they reported. The officer gave the women a courtesy ride back to their hotel.

Simple battery

An officer was dispatched to 909 Oak Crest Drive in reference to a domestic situation. The officer met with a husband and wife. The wife said her husband hit her in the face.  She said she left the house, got groceries and returned home and began potting some plants in the sunroom. Her husband came into the room and they started arguing. She said her husband picked up a garden shovel and threatened to carve her. She said he kicked the potting soil bag and turned to leave the room. She reported she followed him out and he pushed her face with his hand. She called 9-1-1 and had a friend pick up their two children. The husband said his wife went to get groceries but came home with only a case of water and toys, no food. The two got into an argument about the groceries and why the kids had not eaten at that point. The husband said his wife went into the sunroom to pot her plants. He said his wife turned her music up loud in the sunroom and he asked her to turn it down a little, since he could hear it in the garage. He said his wife she would have it as loud as she wanted. He saw the potting soil spread over the floor and told his wife to clean it up, and she refused. He said he turned around and left the sunroom and she followed him. He went to the garage and she locked the garage door. The officer didn’t see any marks or bruises on the wife and noticed potting soil spread around in the sunroom.

Criminal Trespass

An officer was dispatched to 1134 Kelly Drive, lot 54 in reference to a domestic in progress.

The officer spoke with a woman who was seated in her car and said she was involved in a verbal altercation with her husband. She said she was just returning home when her husband walked up to the passenger side of the car and smacked his hand on her passenger side front window, causing a six-inch crack. She said her husband had come home to confront her, because he thought another man was in the house and his children had been disrespectful. She said she stayed in the car and called police. The son who was seated in the back seat corroborated the wife’s story. The husband said he was fighting with his wife about the attitude of their children. He said the damage to the window was from a previous accident. The husband said he would gather his belongings and leave. An assisting officer ran a background check on the husband and found that he was on probation for terroristic threats against his wife and children. The condition of the probations stated he was not to have any contact with them. The husband was arrested.

Entering auto

An officer was dispatched to 121 Pointe South Drive, in reference to an entering auto, not in progress. The officer spoke with the owner of a Nissan Altima. She said someone went into her unsecured vehicle, possibly on July 6, while she was sleeping. She reported her vehicle title and bill of sale were missing from her glove compartment. Nothing else was reported missing from the car.

Theft by taking

An officer was dispatched to 101 Edelle Osgood Ave., pt. g, in reference to a theft of a washing machine. The complainant said he had a Whirlpool washing machine sitting in front of his apartment on the lawn. The complainant said he last saw it at 11 p.m. The washing machine was said to be worth $200.00.

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