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Hospital in black again
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The Liberty County Hospital Authority got a double dose of good news at its July meeting; another month of operation in the black and a score of 100 on a state EMS inspection.
Liberty Regional Medical Center CFO Sam Johnson delivered the good news about the finances. Revenue for the previous month was reported at $99,341. (An earlier version of this story gave an incorrect number.

EMS chief Jim Turner told authority members state inspectors had stayed an entire day with his operation and didn't find a single deficiency.
Turner also reported that one new ambulance purchased by the county commission would be delivered within the week and that another one was being ordered.
Hospital CEO Scott Kroell said he was considering a plan to borrow money against future special local option sales tax funds to get a new EMS administration building completed within a year. There is also a $20,000 state grant to help with the EMS building.
Dr. Chris Vaughn, an authority member, said he had received an inquiry from Skip Teaster of the University of Georgia's Fanning Institute asking if recommendations in the institute's study were being followed and whether more help was needed.
Chairman Jon Long said the institute had made one follow-up visit and he didn't know about further plans.
Hinesville Mayor Jim Thomas said he thought the Fanning Institute was to report quarterly.
Other members were not sure if this had been agreed and Long pointed that LRMC would be paying for any more work done by the institute. The board decided to work with Fanning, Long to monitor what they would do and what it would cost.
Thomas said continuing work with the consultants was, "critical, we agreed with the county commission when we asked for extra millage that we would have extra sets of eyes on what we are doing."
He said the same applied to the blue ribbon panel named by the county commission to look into LRMC operations.
Urging that information be collected for presentation to the panel and the institute to be provided to the commissioners, Thomas said, "These (the commissioners) are the people who are going to have to vote on our millage increase next year."

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